Excited to announce an upcoming new release of my jazz/fusion music.  "Big Bang Volume 3"!  These are a variety of tunes spanning my influences of Pat Metheny, Steve Smith, Chick Corea, John Scofield, etc...  Once again I'm playing the role of drummer and guitarist and some bass and piano.  Produced out of my home studio "Eyeball Studios" in NJ.  Stay tuned!!

Pleased to release a new video entitled "West Of The Moon".  This is an original of mine inspired from a recent trip to Arizona.  Enjoy!


Pleased to announce another solo acoustic show at The Vault in Berlin, NJ, November 24th.  Special guest singer, Rayna Jean!  Tickets available by clicking picture.

Hope to see you!!

Link to my ongoing "Cocktail Series" videos.  This is a collection of cover tunes I have been building up over the years played instrumentally on various guitars.  Anything form jazz standards to today's pop hits.  Please subscribe and enjoy!!


Pleased to announce another "Acoustic Works" show at the "Vault" in Berlin, NJ, March 10th.  Some special guests and surprises!


Happy to introduce a new project with long time friend Corey Francis.  Please enjoy!



Proud to be playing thru this newly acquired Quilter guitar amplification system!

Excited to release yet another fun music video of mine!  This time it's a solo acoustic guitar rendition of "Linus & Lucy", or better known as "The Peanuts Theme" or "Charlie Brown Christmas".  Including the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and all!


Enjoy!  And Happy Holidays!


Proud to announce the new release of my video for "McCartney" off of the Acoustic Works Volume 2 CD.  Beatles fans should love this one!


Happy to announce the upcoming release of my new CD, Mike Ian Acoustic Works Volume Two!  Like Volume One, this is a collection of acoustic guitar based solo instrumental tunes that built up over the past few years.  It will be available for download or physical CD format in a couple weeks.


Album Cover AC Works V2

Acoustic Guitars

This was a song I wrote while dealing with a cancelled flight while in the Nashville airport.  It was my first trip there.  Had a very good time with friends and even got to play there during my week there.  I managed to buy 2 new guitars from Gruhns Guitar there in Nashville.  Having finally scheduled a new flight back to Philly, I had hours to kill, so what better way to kill some time than to work on a tune on my new guitar(s).  So I wrote this little tune on my new Taylor GS Mini guitar.  I then properly recorded it and made a small video here at my place.  So please, enjoy!  Had a wonderful time!



Getting some wonderful response from my new "Orchestral Works Volume 2" CD.  I am pleased to announce that it is on the Grammy ballot this year in the CONTEMPORARY INSTRUMENTAL field.  Please check out the "Orch Works 2" page for more info.

Very excited to announce an official release date of August 23rd for my new Orchestral Works CD Volume 2.

My first jazz/fusion cd, Big Bang Volume One, is finally up on iTunes and such and is available for purchase!




Check it out!

"Sexy Suzy"!  Since the process of making music videos seems to take forever, I thought I'd post this up here to keep things moving along!


Very excited to be on the Grammy ballot once again this year!  This year I have a music video entitled "A Fine Red" from my Big Bang Volume 2 project.  Check it out below if you haven't seen it.


Very excited to be playing with another great vocalist, Krissi Pruitt for her cd release and night of music and friends.  She has a new CD out entitled "Between Vintage & Soul".  Concert will be held at Dante Hall in Atlantic City.  Info here

Been a while since I played with one of my favorite bands: The Geri Mingori Band.  We're working on a new CD and to prepare we are playing a few gigs.  The concept is that of a non-stop 45 minute cd of tunes along the lines of "Dark Side of the Moon" or similar full length cd's.  A musical journey if you will.  Response thus far has been just that: a musical journey.  Here is a small clip from the ending of the cd:

Video is complete!  "A Fine Red" from "Big Bang V2" CD is up and running!  Enjoy!!



Wrapping up editing for my latest video for "A Fine Red" off of Big Bang Vol 2 CD. Very excited to show you!  This video features David Laich on trumpet and beautiful partner Susan.  A lot of red in this one!  : )

Had a wonderful trip to LA during the weekend of the 55th Grammy's.  Met some wonderful musicians, Barbara Streisand's manager, walked Venice beach, attended the Ellen Show, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, drove the 405!  Great time.  Hope to get back there...

Well, this is a first for me. For any NARAS, Grammy association members in the house, looks like the grammy voting season is upon us and I submitted some of my music to be nominated for a grammy! If you are in fact a member and will be voting, PLEASE, consider voting for my recent release "Mike Ian-Big Bang Volume 2" for Best Instrumental Jazz album, "Maple Leaf Rag" for Best Jazz Arrangement, and "Ivy Rose" for Best Instrumental Composition. I wouldn't even know how to begin thanking you if I did in fact get nominated. Or WIN for that matter!! But here's a start, THANK YOU!! Youtube links below:





Even though the new album was officially released in August, a marketing campaign will begin October 1st, 2012!  I signed on with this fabulous marketing company based out of California: SmoothJazz.com.  Really a great bunch of folks there.  As for now, a few online sites are up and running: iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby


Also, currently working on some videos for a few of the tunes of the album.  Hope to gain some new listeners!

Well here's a birthday present.  My project is complete!  Just waiting on online presence to get up and running.  I am currently editing videos for the project.  Hope to get them out soon.  Things are turning out very nice!

Winding down mixing!  What did I get myself into!  Wow.  A lot of tracks! (as usual for me).  It's always quite the learning experience as I wear my ever evolving music engineer hat.  Sonic balance, reverbs, drum balance, low-end bass issues, ethnic instruments, voice, etc...  A lot of goodies.  I think I got it the best it could be out of my "basement"!  Looking forward to releasing it!  Stay tuned!

New review of Puzzle Pieces just in from Cyrus Rhodes of Indie Music Media out of Seattle:


Finally got a Mac Pro system up and running.  The future is looking quite promising!

Stores now open for downloads or cds! Thank you!

I am very excited to announce the release of my latest cd entitled "Puzzle Pieces". This project was from a select collection of rock, pop, vocal tunes that have built up over the years and seemed to be working their way towards a consistent sounding collection. Some of these songs date back to a period when I was putting together the "Randori" rock project with good friend Jason Pascoe in 2006. A few riffs date even further back! This collection may seem like a departure from what I have been known to produce. And it is. I purposely tried to put together a collection of very universal, friendly, uplifting, commercial songs that were not too hard to digest both musically and lyrically. Coming from a jazzy, progressive-rock, 10-minute epic musical background, this was definitely a stretch for me. Heck, there are songs...

Working on new CD entitled "Puzzle Pieces". Looking at a March release. PuzzleCover2.jpg_resized

The new & improved "Eyeball Studios". Eyeball2010.jpg_resized

The Geri Mingori Band, a fun group I play with often, will be opening for YES & ASIA at Great Adventure, July 26th. Concert is free with park admission. We should be around 5:30pm. http://www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/events/AsiaYes.aspx

Got some pics up of the Geri Mingori Concert this past June 26th. Gig was a blast!!  Pics here

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