This is a collection of original instrumental compositions ranging from film score cues and fun Disney-esque music, to large scale symphonic and traditional classical music. 

"Mike Ian’s Orchestral music is in turns bold, intimate, witty and lyrical. A skillful orchestrator, Ian guides the listener such that we feel we’re in good hands from the downbeat of track one to the final bar. Highly cinematic and evocative, many tracks feel like they’re destined for Hollywood, while others could work just as well in a concert setting. All in all, a fun ride." - David Israel -

"What a great album! Orchestral Works is amazing! It's produced so well that it certainly seems like a full orchestra playing even though I know it's all you Mike playing each sound from wonderful samples of orchestral instruments. It takes a lot of musical knowledge to put something like this together because you have to understand the ranges of all the instruments that are being simulated. It's so well constructed that it really sounds like a full orchestra playing bits from movie sound tracks. However, understanding the technical aspects of putting a production like this together isn't the only ingredient needed to make it work. Making all the various orchestral sounds is one thing but then you have to actually have something to say, and the song writing is masterful. You captured every theme so well." - Bob Kimmel

Review by Steve Sheppard from One World 





Equipment/Software used for this music was LOGIC PRO X DAW with EAST/WEST sample libraries on a Mac Pro system.  Recorded at my own "Eyeball Studios" in Cinnaminson, NJ.


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