Puzzle Pieces is a ten-song musical extravaganza that incorporates country, rock, and pop influences into a very solid, likeable, and great-sounding package. The engineering is fantastic, all of the instruments sound great, and Mike sings damn well, too! (This is the first time I’ve ever heard him sing in the 20+ years I’ve know him.)...excerpt. Complete review below.

"Mike Ian's "Puzzle Pieces" - clearly a labor of love for this talented and versatile guitarist/drummer/singer - has something for everyone. While a good chunk of the music is of the popular genre, discerning listeners will love his musicianship and attention to detail - often missing from mainstream music - not to mention the sprinkling in of other influences. One hears hints of country & western, some jazz, some folk, and good ole rock. As with all of Mike's music, the engineering and production are top shelf."

Hey Mike, it was certainly a "delight" (i do not use this expression very often) listening to your music. This goes beyond just me saying that the songs are well written. There is a real joy that is expressed in the lyric, that really comes alive in the performances, where the intangible qualities of the soul actually inspires the listener to feel what you are singing and writing about. It is not a manipulation, which most songs can do, but it is more the sincerity and belief, and connection to what you are singing about from the inside. I hope I did not get too Meta-Physical in my clumsy explanation regarding your songs. Excellent job in being able to pull this off in a real way. The songs are well written, and have memorable chorus hooks that are graced by engaging lead vocal performances with a lush blend of back-round harmonies. Great production ideas as well. I do hope to hear more of your music in the future, unless I am lucky to wander into a club where you happen to be performing. Good Luck!

Not often a tune brings a smile to my face, but your songs are part of the "not often"! Your music has a great sound and vibe that will draw many a listener to your camp. Each of the songs have good hooks, and passionate vocal performances. Lyrics are engaging and have appealing imagery. Thank you!

Hey there Mike -- I really dig the songs and the sensibility at work here. I like that these are rock songs with pop productions. Make it rock then dress it up. The overall sound is nicely focused, both lyrically & melodically. There really is a lot of melodic action here. The arrangements really put the songs through a work out. I suppose it is possible that the arrangements could be too dynamic! Good luck and thanx for the music!

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