From the recording The Learning Tree


Turn the page
The chance, slipped through
My hands like water
Cold darkened seas
Pale reflections of me

Freedom road
New paths, Spirit
Glow arising
A jaded destiny
Is this where I’m meant to be?

Living happily ever after
Is easier said then done
The oceans raging
The tides keep changing
Upon the distant sun

Moonlight chimes
They ring the passage of
Time unwinding
Exposed reality
Foreshadowed in mystery

I reach the jagged crest
Observe, Silver
Clouds aligning
Perched on a learning tree
Ascending to fly and be free


Sought a greener pasture, running from disaster, alternate reality
Healing all my wounds, while chasing my mortality

I’ve got to let go
Of tomorrow
Let go for today…
Live today, yea…


(child voice)
Living happily ever after
Is easier said than done
I was so young then
Having some fun
Not afraid to touch the sun