A vocal pop/rock cd?


This project was from a select collection of rock, pop, vocal tunes that I had built up over the years that seemed to be working their way towards a different kind of cd for me. Some of the songs dated back to a period when I was writing songs for the "Randori" project with good friend Jason Pascoe in 2006. I purposely tried to put together a collection of very universal, friendly, uplifting, commercial songs that were not too hard to digest both musically and lyrically. Coming from a jazzy, progressive-rock, 10-minute epic musical background, this was definitely a stretch for me. Heck, there are songs under 4 minutes! This also marks the first time I've ever put myself out there as a lead vocalist! Certainly another stretch from my instrumental comfort zone. And as a vocalist comes the need for lyrics. Again, I thought I'd try my hand at writing my own words to these fun tunes.  With the help and inspiration from my loving partner Susan at the time, I was able to pen some words with some semblance of order.  The album also introduced some new instruments like the Telecaster, pedal steel, and 6-string banjo, along with the ever beautiful sound of my leslie guitar.


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