Conceptual Prog Album


Mike Ian introduces his return to original vocal music, bringing a new, large-scale, progressive sound to fans with the release of this album, “The Learning Tree.” The album brings back vocal elements not heard since the 2010 release, “Puzzle Pieces.”

Recording for “The Learning Tree” took place in his studio, Eyeball Studios, in Cinnaminson, NJ casually spanning as far back as 2004 onward. Upon deciding to finally complete this massive project this year, freshly recorded drums and vocals were added to complete the project and give it its final touches. 

Lyrics always eluded Mike for completion of this project. The music has such a grand quality about it. And to put lyrics to match such a project was proving difficult. A few phrases were sporadically laid out amongst the tunes in the early infancy years. And a few phrases stuck. But the project lay dormant for years until lyrical inspiration would come to complete this massive music project. But for Mike, the lyrical inspiration never did come. Finally, collaborating with lyricist “Troy Raleigh,” Troy brought life to “The Learning Tree” with his poetic, and explorative lyrics. The words fit seamlessly and take the listener on a spiritual journey of reflection, inspiration, exploration, salvation, and love.

“The Learning Tree” is composed of 9 tracks each of which is an epic adventure within themselves. The opening title, “A Pirate’s Dream,” conjures up the thrill of the pirate life in the deep seas, and the adventures and dangers of the nautical, seafaring life. While “Something More Nothing Less” questions why love must be earned and fought for to have its rightful presence. The CD was mastered by Tom Volpicelli at The Mastering House, PA. Artwork for the project was done by Mike’s daughter, Ivy. 

“The Learning Tree” is available on all digital streaming platforms and physical CDs. All available below.  As a special bonus, for the ultimate experience in audio representation, in limited quantities, a 5.1 surround sound Blu-ray, mastered by Scott Hull from Masterdisk, NY will be available. 


The learning tree of life has many branches. Come experience its growth from its roots to its apex. How a dream in sleep awakens one’s spirit on a journey of reflection, inspiration, exploration, salvation, and love. Embracing the ever changing winds in one’s life with great fortitude… 

Dream away into reality. 

And climb the learning tree of life.


The Learning Tree by Mike Ian is with ease the best album produced by the artist, it is one that has made its way onto my playlist of timeless choice, and it is one of the finest works in the rock and progressive rock genres I have heard for at least the last 5 years, this album is that good, is it totally unforgettable, and my advice to all those thinking about purchasing this album is, don’t think, buy it now, your senses will love you forever.” - Steve Sheppard

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The Learning Tree

mike ian

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Conceptual progressive album

Produced by Mike Ian - Lyrics by Troy Raleigh/Mike Ian - Artwork by Ivy Ian - Mastered by Tom Volpicelli - Surround mastering by Scott Hull

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