1. Shine On

From the recording The Learning Tree


Dream myself awake
Rays of sun shining through the panes of my own soul
Such peaceful time

Crystal skies above
Visions form they take me back to all I’ve known
Word to the wise

From dusk to dawn and the salt of the earth
It is the spirit of my rebirth
Cause dying young had me feeling so old
I’m gonna walk down those fields of gold
To home

In my bolder years
Lived to tell of what I’ve gained and all I’ve lost
All so surreal


Captured in my heart’s divine

Now is the time

All I ever wanted was redemption from
All of my mistakes in circumstance
All I ever needed was a peaceful state of…
Another second chance

(spoken word, spoken word) Spoken Word!…


This light, of mine…
Let it shine let it, shine…