Modern Rock laced with a 60's retro swirl.

Collaboration with Jason Pascoe


This project was the brainstorm of Jason Pascoe and myself during the time of the Foo Fighters, Oasis, and U2 when they were hitting big.  It was early 2004 when we decided to try our hand at a commercial  "rock" project.  Jason had recorded at my studio for years prior and I always acted as producer/engineer. This time around we decided to join forces musically.  Many demos later we finally arrived at "TRIP".  With the combination of my progressive music influences and Jason's love of the Beatles and all around knowledge of the current music trends we arrived upon this "leslie-laced",retro styled, feel good musical result. To try to describe the music and the feeling behind it, the terms "Maximum Emotional Impact" and "Voidfree Music" were coined by myself as was "HD 1080 Wide Screen" by Jason. I believe the terms were quite accurate after hearing the finished project.

For the CD, Jason performed vocal duties and I was instrumentation (drums/bass/gtr/) with slight vocal additions. Tunes were written by both of us. It was produced at my home studio "Eyeball Studios" in NJ. It was mastered at Bob Ludwig's "Gateway Mastering" by Adam Ayan.

Jason thought the idea of the "live band" on the cover of the cd would be more accessible to the public rather than the 2 of us only (like Tears For Fears for ex.)  So on the cover we added Pete Wilkins(who ended up REALLY being the live bass player), Johnny Giosa as the drummer, and Jason's brother as 2nd guitarist.

For our actual live performances, Pete Wilkins covered Bass, Johnny Rock 2nd guitar, and Tony Ianuzzi on drums. We played a handful of live gigs.  

The project got quite far.  We found ourselves at the round table of Universal Records in NY just about with a deal! But it didn't quite work out.  That was a rough ride back home :(

As with many collaborative bands, creative differences eventually killed the project- mostly on my part. I was having a rough time keeping things "commercial" and following trends.

Jason and I are still great friends. He's on the West coast nowadays.

Good times!



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