New CD complete! Puzzle Pieces

I am very excited to announce the release of my latest cd entitled "Puzzle Pieces". This project was from a select collection of rock, pop, vocal tunes that have built up over the years and seemed to be working their way towards a consistent sounding collection. Some of these songs date back to a period when I was putting together the "Randori" rock project with good friend Jason Pascoe in 2006. A few riffs date even further back! This collection may seem like a departure from what I have been known to produce. And it is. I purposely tried to put together a collection of very universal, friendly, uplifting, commercial songs that were not too hard to digest both musically and lyrically. Coming from a jazzy, progressive-rock, 10-minute epic musical background, this was definitely a stretch for me. Heck, there are songs under 4 minutes! This also marks the first time I've ever put myself out there as a lead vocalist! Certainly another stretch from my instrumental comfort zone. And as a vocalist comes the need for lyrics. Again, I thought I'd try my hand at writing my own words to these fun tunes. Not an easy task for me by any means.  But with the help and inspiration from my loving partner Susan, I was able to pen some words with some semblance of order.

     A question I seem to be getting a lot of from the few folks that have heard this cd is, "did I play everything on this thing?" Well, yes. And produced and engineered and mastered and did artwork and who knows what else! I guess I do wear many hats. I just eat, sleep, breath all things musical every minute I can. I've been playing music and dabbling with gear ever since I was a wee little tike. In this day and age of somewhat affordable studio equipment, internet, owners manuals, listening, and a lot of late nights, it was possible for me to put out such a product. Of course it helps having no deadline and no budget. Just pure fun and desire. So with all of that being said, I hope you enjoy my musical efforts if only for a few minutes out of your day. I'll have links up shortly to CDBABY and Itunes and the like for purchase and/or download. (Cheap! - really. Just the cost of shipping basically) Thank you all so much for taking the time! MIKE IAN

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